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Last modified: January 28, 2022

Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC

Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC is one of Philadelphia’s most reliable criminal lawyers’ firms. The lawyers at Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC solely focus on personal injury and criminal defenses. This law firm is located at 1520 Locust Street, Suite 2900, Philadelphia, but their services are also available in some other parts. Daniel Paul Alva founded this firm in 1987.

Founding Attorneys:

Daniel Paul Alva:

Daniel Paul Alva, the founder of Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC, began his career as a district attorney in Philadelphia. He was associated with LaCheen Esq., in 1974 where he became a partner later. His firm Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC manages local, state, and national criminal trials.

Types of Cases:

Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC deals with criminal and personal injury matters. Their practice areas include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck collisions, criminal defense, murder, domestic violence, drug abuses, sexual assaults, juvenile illegal activities, medical negligence, workplace injuries, and wrongful deaths.

Reviews and Ratings:

The attorneys associated with Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC don’t let the clients face the criminal charges alone. They knew that a criminal charge might ruin freedom and maybe the reason for imprisonment. So, the clients trust Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC, this firm the most for fixing criminal and personal injury issues. But any site has yet to offer stars or ratings to Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC. 

1520 Locust Street, Suite 700 Philadelphia, PA 19102

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