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Last modified: January 28, 2022

Console and Associates, PC

Console and Associates, PC supports the personal injury sufferers to recover from the pain and suffering of accidents. With the help of the attorneys, the victims can receive deserving compensation, which is a great help for their healing. Founded by Richard P. Console, Jr., this firm has served people for twenty-five years. The head office of Console and Associates, PC is at 100 S Broad Street #1523, Suite B, Philadelphia.

Founding Attorneys:

Richard P. Console, Jr.:

Richard P. Console Jr., a personal injury lawyer, has established the firm to help sufferers of others’ negligence. This guiding principle helps him with excellent success. For Richard, lawyers need to support the victims in the best possible way.

Types of Cases:

Console and Associates, PC is a personal injury and medical malpractice expert. They deal with auto accidents, bicycle accidents, drowning, burn cases, catastrophic injuries, class action, product liability, data protection violations, dog attacks, hit & run, drunk driving, nursing home abuses, sexual abuse, wrongful death, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

Console and Associates, PC is a 4.7-star rated law firm which is possible only because of their satisfied clients’ feedback. The clients came to them in a vulnerable condition. The lawyers high in professionalism have helped them heal their scars, fighting aggressively for them and offering them maximum compensation. So, clients are delighted with the service of Console and Associates, PC, and recommended this firm for personal injury services.

100 S Broad St #1523 Suite B Philadelphia, PA 19110

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