Houston is an inland port city in Texas, United States. Houston is the most populated metropolis in the state and the fourth-largest city in the United States. Its skyscrapers rise from the unrelievedly flat Gulf Coastal Plain, which is split by a series of bayous and is at an elevation of around 55 feet (17 meters) above sea level in Houston. The temperature in the region is warm and humid, and the city is known for its hot, sticky summers. Houston grew as a rail hub, having 12 lines by 1891.

Legal Statistics

Average Income: Houston, Texas had a population of 2.32 million people in 2019, with a median age of 33.4 and a typical family income of $52,450. Between 2018 and 2019, the population of Houston, TX decreased by 0.4 percent, from 2.33 million to 2.32 million, but the median household income increased by 2.44 percent, from $51,203 to $52,450.

Number of Attorneys: 12,000+ people are involved in the legal industry.

Number of Law Firms: 449

Wrongful death Statistics:

Wrongful death occurs when someone is killed as a result of another person or entity’s carelessness, neglect, unlawful activity, or misconduct. Simply put, negligence is the failure to exercise the amount of care that a reasonable person would in identical circumstances. Everyone and everything has a duty to use reasonable care in all they do.

Here are the statistics of some Houston wrongful death cases:

The number of Car Accidents: In Houston, the following accidents occurred in 2019:

  • There are 1200 suspected serious collisions.
  • There are 1,392 suspected major injuries.
  • There were 5,357 non-incapacitating collisions.
  • There are 15,329 potential injury accidents.
  • Accidents might result in 23,470 injuries.

Fatal Car accidents: Every year, dozens of people are killed in car accidents in Houston City.

  • There were 240 fatal accidents in 2019
  • In 2019 there were 253 people killed in accidents.
  • There were 7,152 non-incapacitating injuries.

Motorcycle accident vs. Car Accident Statistics:

  • In the United States, 4,976 motorcycle riders were killed in road accidents.
  • An estimated 88,000 motorcycle riders were hurt.
  • Motorcyclists were responsible for 14% of all traffic deaths and 4% of all injuries.
  • Motorcycle riders made up 94% (4,684) of those killed in road accidents, while passengers made up 6% (292). (No data available for Houston so Common Texas data been provided)

Houston Bicycle accident statistics:

  • In Houston, there were 408 collisions involving cyclists in 2017, 398 crashes in 2018, 397 crashes in 2019, and 321 collisions in 2020.
  • In 2021, there were 337 similar accidents.

Food delivery accident and injury statistics in Houston: The number of lost-time claims submitted by Houston-area firms increased by 18% in 2018. Texas Mutual discovered that the service business had the highest claims (3,777), followed by manufacturing (1,742) and construction (1,742).

Child Pedestrian Accident statistics: The number of persons who have died while walking in the United States has increased by more than 50% in the last ten years. Pedestrian deaths in Houston have more than doubled in that time, increasing by 125 percent.

Truck accident Injury Statistics: Every year, around 2,850 individuals are badly wounded on Houston-area roadways. Every year, another 640 people are murdered on Houston’s roadways.

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics: Texas is a part of this national epidemic, with an estimated 144,000 people suffering a TBI each year (one every four minutes).  (No data available for Houston so Common Texas data been provided)

Number of Lawsuits: In 2010, more than 535,000 misdemeanor cases were filed, while the end of the decade saw just less than 393,000 filed in 2019. (No data available for Houston so Common Texas data been provided)

DUI Statistics: Since 2010, the Houston region has seen an annual increase of over 5,000 accidents due by drunk driving. That works up to almost 14 each day, or more than one every other hour. Every year, more than 300 people are killed in the region.

Population Growth: Houston, TX has a population of 2.32 million people, of which 81.6 percent are citizens. In 2019, there were 1.34 times as many White (Hispanic) citizens in Houston, TX (722k individuals) than any other race or ethnicity. The second and third most prevalent ethnic groupings were 540k White (Non-Hispanic) and 519k Black or African American (Non-Hispanic).

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