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San Diego is divided into two halves of unequal size: the northern and eastern section spans north and east of San Diego Bay, and the southern portion reaches southeastward from the bay to the Mexican border. The geography of the city site is diverse, with huge mesas, canyons, and wide valleys. To the north and east, the topography gets hillier, leading to a line of mountains at the perimeter of the major built-up region. The region enjoys a moderate, sunny environment all year, with most of the precipitation falling during the winter.

Legal Statistics

Average Income: In San Diego, CA, the median household income is $85,507. Males in California have an average income that is 1.26 times more than females, who have an average income of $64,688. In California, income inequality (as measured by the Gini index) is 0.497, which is greater than the national average.

Number of Attorneys: 167,709 people are involved in the legal industry. California Data

Number of law firms: 242

Wrongful death Statistics:

Wrongful death cases follow the same fundamental conditions as personal injury claims, which mean that a legitimate claim is contingent on a breach of the normal duty of care. This responsibility relates to every individual’s commitment to avoid bringing damage to others. Any conduct — or inaction — that breaches this obligation makes the individual accountable for any subsequent harm.

Here are the statistics of some San Diego wrongful death cases:

The number of Car Accidents: The number of accidents between 2010 and 2015 increased by nearly 15 percent:

  • 2011: 17,718
  • 2012: 18,178
  • 2013: 10,400
  • 2014: 19,236
  • 2015: 20,385

Fatal Car accidents: The number of fatal car accidents in San Diego has been slowly increasing over time:

  • 2012: 216
  • 2013: 198
  • 2014: 233
  • 2015: 246
  • 2016: 239

Motorcycle accident vs. Car Accident Statistics: Reported crashes in San Diego:

  • According to the most recent registration statistics from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there are 85,488 registered motorbikes in San Diego County.
  • In San Diego County, there have been 1,109 motorcycle accidents.
  • 43 people were killed.
  • Total number of injuries: 1,199
  • 222 people were seriously injured (20.02 percent)
  • 539 visible injuries (48.60 percent)
  • Pain complaints: 305

San Diego Bicycle accident statistics: The following are some statistics about bicycle accidents in San Diego.

  • Every year, around five bikers and twenty pedestrians are killed in vehicle accidents in the city of San Diego.
  • However, around 500 incidents between vehicles and bicycles occur in San Diego each year.
  • Except for around 25 of these bicycle incidents, all of them will end in an injury.
  • In a normal year, around 25 crashes in San Diego resulted in a major injury, 300 resulted in a visible injury, and 150 resulted in minor injuries and suffering.

Food delivery accident and injury statistics in San Diego: Accident cases dropped by 75% during the lockdown period. (didn’t found so include general accident decline stats)

Child Pedestrian Accident statistics: According to a recent survey, 44 individuals died while moving by foot, motorbike, automobile, or bicycle in San Diego in 2019. This statistic was 14 fewer than the number of fatalities in 2018, despite the fact that 2017 had more fatalities than those two years.

Truck accident Injury Statistics: Annual fatal accidents involving large trucks: 385

  • Total fatalities: 408
  • Total trucker fatalities: 56
  • Total non-vehicle-occupant fatalities (pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.): 65
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics: Every year, more than 11,000 people in San Diego County are affected by brain injury.

DUI Statistics: Despite fewer vehicles on local roads owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, 33 persons were murdered in 2020, the deadliest such year in San Diego County in more than two decades. Annually, the county sees between 15 and 20 DUI deaths.

Population Growth: San Diego, CA had a population of 1.42 million people in 2019, with a median age of 35.4 and an average family income of $85,507. San Diego, CA’s population decreased from 1.43M to 1.42M, a 0.151 percent loss, but its median household income increased from $79,646 to $85,507, a 7.36 percent rise, between 2018 and 2019.

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