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Last modified: June 22, 2022

Willens Law Offices

A top-rated personal injury law firm Willens Law Offices is committed to representing accident victims in their claim recovery. Founded by Matt Willens, this firm charges no fee unless they win the cases. Their head office is located in Chicago at 30 N LaSalle Suite#3450 Chicago. David A. Baez is the partner of Willens Law Offices.

Founding Attorneys:

Matt Willens:

The founder of Willens Law Offices, Matt Willens, is a nationally recognized personal injury lawyer. His fellows considered him the best attorney in Illinois. He has recovered many millions of dollars for his personal injury and wrongful death clients.

David A. Baez:

David A. Baez is the partner at Willens Law Offices and joined the firm in 2014. He has got many awards in the personal injury field. He is famous for his tirelessness and dedication to his clients. As a result, his clients elected him as the Rising Star of Illinois.

Types of cases:

Willens Law Offices is a personal injury expert. Their practice areas are car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful deaths, constructional injuries, etc.

Reviews and Ratings:

Clients are overwhelmed with the services they receive from Willens Law Offices. Over two decades, this firm has been recovering millions of dollars for the victims of others’ negligence. Clients in the review said that Willens Law Offices is a one-stop solution for personal injury victims. The high appreciation and reviews that it has got from the clients have made it a 5-star rated firm.

30 N LaSalle St #3450 Chicago, IL 60602

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