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Last modified: January 29, 2022

Tomasik Kotin Kasserman

At Tomasik Kotin Kasserman (TKK law), you can get answers to all your legal questions. The firm works to provide justice to all its clients. It deals with the advocacy of serious injuries, damages to the family members of those who have been killed because of others’ negligence or wrongful actions, victims of sexual harassment.  After the foundation of TKK law situated at 161 North Clark Street, Suite 3050, Chicago, IL 60601 in the year 2013, its attorney has been continuously providing a legal voice to its clients.

Founding attorneys:

Timothy Tomasik:

He is a founding attorney of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, LLC. He has experience of 15 years at the prestigious Clifford Law Offices in Chicago. He is regarded as an elite trial attorney, with his proficiency and the overall practice of 28 years. Tim has distinguished himself as one of Chicago’s elite trial attorneys.

Daniel M. Kotin

He was a partner with the reputed firm Corboy & Demetrio before he became a partner of TKK law firm. Daniel is an excellent trial lawyer who deals with the victims of product liability, medical malpractice, and personal injury. Currently,  he is one of the shareholders of TKK law.

Types of cases:

The firm works in the legal area of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction negligence and other personal injuries, medical negligence and malpractice, monopolies law, wrongful death, and other cases.

Ratings and reviews:

The firm has a score of 5 stars on most of the websites where its clients have reviewed its services. The firm is highly recommended by the clients who have entrusted them to settle their cases.

161 North Clark Street, Suite 3050, Chicago, IL 60601

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