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Last modified: January 28, 2022

Gainsberg Law, PC

Gainsberg Law, PC has been serving plaintiffs throughout Illinois who are struggling to receive accidental insurance claims. They fight for car and auto accident victims, medical malpractice, and all other medical negligence. Gainsberg Law, PC was founded by Neal S. Gainsberg, serving people for over twenty years. Their headquarters is located at 22 W Washington Street, Suite 1512, Chicago.

Founding Attorneys:

Neal S. Gainsberg:

Neal S. Gainsberg, a personal injury lawyer and the founder of Gainsberg Law, PC, has been fighting for twenty years to secure the rights of his clients. Mr. Gainsberg is highly professional and isn’t afraid to raise his voice against large insurance corporations. He practices in areas like transport injuries, severe personal injury, premises liability, political brutality, bankruptcy, etc.

Types of Cases:

Gainsberg Law, PC helps personal injury victims. They practice automobile accident cases, burn cases, bad insurance faith, aviation accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, severe brain damage, spinal injury, etc.

Reviews and Ratings:

There are many positive reviews of the clients, and all are delighted with the professionalism, quality, and responsiveness of Gainsberg Law, PC. The attorneys studied every case thoroughly and then suggested the best way to settle it. Their advice was beneficial for those who have received their services. And due to all satisfied client reviews, this firm has got a 4.9 Google star rating.

Gainsberg Law P.C. 22 W Washington Street, Suite 1512 Chicago, IL 60602

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