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Last modified: January 29, 2022

Meyers & Flowers

Meyers & Flowers serves all personal injury victims from throughout America and successfully settled handsome verdicts for its clients. Their exclusive legal and personal backgrounds help the attorneys to meet their client’s expectations. Ted A. Meyers and Peter J. Flowers are the founders and partners of Meyers & Flowers, whose head office is situated at 225 West Wacker Dr., #1515 Chicago.

Founding Attorneys:

Ted A. Meyers:

Ted A. Meyers is the fourth-generation attorney of his family who founded Meyers & Flowers. He fights for those who really need help. Mr. Meyers has successfully solved many complicated cases and obtained deserving compensation for his clients. He works jointly with the other attorneys of his firm and creates advanced solutions to maximize the compensation amount.

Peter J. Flowers:

Peter J. Flowers is the partner at Meyers & Flowers who feels a practical approach is necessary to solve complicated cases related to personal injury and death. He has represented many families to recover deserving compensation for his clients.

Types of Cases:

Meyers & Flowers is a personal injury expert law firm. Their practice areas are car & truck accidents, use of faulty tools, dangerous drugs, medical malpractice, and many more.

Reviews and Ratings:

Experience is essential in handling cases like personal injury and wrongful death, and clients get that at Meyers & Flowers. So, they are happy with the services they received from Meyers & Flowers. According to the clients’ feedback, they have got 4.4 stars from Google.

225 West Wacker Dr., #1515 Chicago.

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