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Last modified: February 1, 2022

Nokes & Nokes

Nokes & Nokes is a personal injury firm located at 120 Vantis, Suite 520 Aliso Viejo, California. They have been offering services to personal injury victims for thirty years. The attorneys help accident victims in attaining deserving compensation. The firm doesn’t ask for fees unless they recover the claims. Beau James Nokes established this law firm in 1998

Founding Attorneys:

Beau James Nokes:

Beau James Nokes, a famous personal injury lawyer, established Nokes & Nokes in 1998 to offer justice to accident victims. He started his career in 1985. He is a master in significant injury due to defective products, automobile accidents, uninsured motorbike rider issues, premises liability, medical malpractices, and damages due to faulty products.

Types of Cases:

Nokes & Nokes is a personal injury expert law firm. Their practice area includes accidents, asbestos, mesothelioma, bicycle accident, premises liability, product defect, slip & fall cases, construction injuries, workplace injuries, medical malpractices, and wrongful death cases.

Reviews & Ratings:

The google score of Nokes & Nokes is awe-inspiring. The firm has a 5-star Google rating due to clients’ positive reviews out of satisfaction. According to the clients, the attorneys of Nokes & Nokes make the claim recovery process easy for them. The lawyers are professional and honest, and clients are also happy with their contingency fee structure. All these positive sides help them to get a good ranking on Google.

120 Vantis, Suite 520 Aliso Viejo, California

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