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Last modified: February 11, 2022

Morey & Upton, LLP

Christopher J. Morey and John H. Upton found Morey &Upton, LLP at 611 Anton Boulevard, Suite 800, Costa Mesa. This firm has decades of experience and a record of success in personal injury cases. The service of this LLP is available throughout Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and all over California city.

Founding Attorneys:

Christopher J. Morey:

Christopher J Morey, a well-known personal injury lawyer, is a founder and partner of Morey &Upton, LLP. He has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients for many years. He is thoroughly prepared, has a creative litigation process, and prioritizes his clients the most.

John H. Upton:

John H. Upton, a co-founder and managing partner of Morey &Upton, LLP, is one of the most respected personal injury lawyers of South California and settled many challenging cases. His practice areas include wrongful death, construction accidents, motorbike accidents, and auto accidents.

Types of Cases:

Morey &Upton, LLP is an expert in dealing with personal injury cases. They help their clients recover deserving amounts in subjects such as automobile injuries, construction damages, pedestrian injuries, premises liability, rail accidents, medical malpractices, using defective products, traumatic brain damages, truck collisions, etc.

Reviews & Ratings:

Morey &Upton, LLP has got a pretty good ranking in Google that is due to the service they offer to the clients. A client recently has posted a review where she mentioned the exceptional professionalism of the attorneys that moved her. The client’s parents were negligence victims, and the firm has settled their claim. Therefore, she, like many other clients, recommends this firm. It has got a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars in Google, and its Facebook rating is 3/5.

611 Anton Boulevard, Suite 800, Costa Mesa

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