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Last modified: February 11, 2022

DAM Firm

The attorneys of DAM firm have been offering services for over forty years to the injury litigations. Located at 1324 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, this law firm is considered one of the leading firms in Orange County. The offices of DiMarco Araujo Montevideo were founded by Joel Thomas and Jess J. Araujo, John A. Montevideo, Anthony Modarelli are the partners, and their advocates know how to offer justice to the victims of negligence.

Founding Attorneys

Joel Thomas:

Joel Thomas established the Dam Firm. He is an experienced lawyer, highly committed to his clients, and recovered massive amounts for his clients.

Jess J. Araujo:

A partner of DAM Firm Jess J. Araujo a partner of this firm represents the community’s voice. He solved many complex accident cases, and his professionalism is his USP.

John A. Montevideo:

With over thirty years of experience, Mr. Montevideo is a partner of DAM Firm. He possesses excellent skills in solving personal injury cases.

Types of cases:

DAM Firm is an expert in personal injury cases. They fight for work injuries, construction injuries, medical malpractices, abuses, brain injuries, dog bites, automobile injuries, workplace injuries, etc. Recently, this firm has also undertaken cases of business loss, property damage, and other injury cases.

Ratings and Reviews:

It is always challenging to prove a case of negligence. But as long as the attorneys of DAM Firm are fighting the case, the clients can sit back and relax, and it is their clients’ confession. The clients find the advocates very polite and professional. They always answered the clients’ calls. The attorneys always offer support until they offer justice by proving others’ negligence. And this firm has got a 5-stars rating due to the quality of services they offer. 

1324 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92706

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