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Last modified: June 22, 2022

Seattle Car Accident Law Firm

Seattle Car Accident Law Firm is a Washington-based law firm for personal injury cases. They can understand the impact of an accident on individuals. So, their goal is to relieve them by recovering handsome compensation. Melissa Odama Hart is the law firm’s founder, and the firm is located at 155 NE 100th Street, Suite 1400, Seattle.

Founding attorneys:

Melissa Odama Hart:

The founder of Seattle Car Accident Law Firm has wanted to be an attorney since childhood. She is graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2000 and graduated in law from the same university’s School of Law in 2003. Melissa has the license to practice in Washington and many other courts.

Types of Cases:

Seattle Car Accident Law Firm is a dedicated law firm for personal injury victims. They handle auto crashes, motorcycle accidents, product liability, truck collisions, medical malpractices, traumatic injuries, wrongful deaths, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

The clients who have faced personal injury issues for the first time were highly impressed with the attorneys. They support them in the best possible manner and help them regain their confidence. These clients feel that personal injury victims need the assistance of reasonable attorneys, and this firm has them. Their service quality and clients review has made them a 5-star law firm.

155 NE 100th St. Suite 210 Seattle, Washington 98125

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