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Last modified: January 31, 2022

Davis Law Group, P.S.

Davis Law Group, P.S is devoted to protecting the legal rights of accident victims and their families across Washington State. 2101 4th Ave, #1030, Seattle, WA 98121 is the location of this firm. Chris Davis is the founder of Davis Law Group, P.S. Chris Davis and their attorney team stands up for the rights of people who have suffered a serious accident or injury. They can help you find the accurate medical treatment when desired.

Founding Attorneys:

Chris Davis

Chris Davis is the trial lawyer and he has massive practice in handling personal injury cases. Christopher M. Davis, founder of Davis Law Group since 1994. Chris Davis entirely represents injured people & has never represented insurance companies or corporations. He has 25 years of civil litigation experience. Davis is avidly dedicated to advocating for the legal rights of injury victims and their families. He named Best Injury Law Firm in Washington State By AI Legal Awards. He is the member of Washington State Bar Association.

Types of Cases:

Davis Law Group, P.S represents the victims of personal injuries including, dump truck accidents, atv accident, rental truck accident, school bus accident, drunk driven accidents, bus accidents, boat accidents, taxi accidents, airplane & helicopter accident, passenger van accidents, logging truck accident, scooter accidents etc.

Reviews & Ratings:

Davis Law Group, P.S looks after the interests of an extensive range of situations. Christopher M. Davis and his team of attorneys care their clients like a family member. Clients are very pleased with their professionalism. Davis Law Group, P.S got 4.6 stars rating on the base of their client’s reviews and their works.

2101 4th Ave, #1030 Seattle, WA 98121

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