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Last modified: February 3, 2022

Reyna Law Firm

Reyna Law Firm is a personal injury law firm ready to defend personal injury victims at any time and any place in Texas or New Mexico. The attorneys of this law firm know how critical accidents can be. So, they guide their clients to fight against the complex legal system under the leadership of the founder J. R. Reyna. 17330 Preston Road, #200 D, Dallas is the address of their head office.

Founding Attorneys:

R. Reyna:

Mr. J. R. Reyna, a famous personal injury lawyer of Texas, founded Reyna Law Firm. He decided to become a personal injury lawyer after one of his relatives suffered from a commercial motor vehicle crash. Reyna always carries this feeling within him while helping his clients obtain maximum compensation.

Types of Cases:

Reyna Law Firm is an expert in personal injury firms. Their practice areas are oil field accidents, Texas commercial transport accidents, pipeline accidents, Texas railroad worker accident attorney, refinery worker accident, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

Reyna Law Firm is committed, sympathetic, responsive, experienced, and ready for trial. They have a track record of recovering maximum compensation and convincing the insurance companies to attain reasonable settlements. Clients liked their approach very much. This firm has got 4.3 stars based on the clients’ feedback and their services.

17330 Preston Road, #200 D, Dallas

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