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Last modified: January 28, 2022

Daspit Law Firm

Daspit Law Firm is a personal injury law firm with various branches throughout Texas and headquarters at 440 Louisiana Street, Suite 1400, Houston. The lawyers of this firm understand that there could be hardly any suffering than suffering a personal injury or losing a near dear one in accidents. John Daspit founded this law firm, and here the lawyers of Daspit Law Firm are committed to recovering their clients’ claims.

Founding Attorneys:

John Daspit:

John Daspit established the Daspit Law Firm. Before founding this law firm, Daspit was associated with another reputed firm in the country for several years. He has the experience of representing the most prominent organizations in some significant cases. This experience helps him to counsel the clients efficiently and recover claims successfully.

Types of Cases:

Daspit Law Firm deals with all personal injury cases. They are experts in handling car accidents, construction injuries, oil field accidents, industrial damages, plant & refinery accidents, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, abnormal medical bills, workers compensation, etc.

Reviews and Ratings:

There are mixed bag reviews available for Daspit Law Firm. One of the negative reviews mentioned is where a client found their service horrible and said that the attorneys have no principles. But there are many positive reviews where the clients said that they had received excellent services. The firm has got 4.1 stars out of five based on the reviews.

00 N Pearl Street Suite S2205 Dallas, TX 75201

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