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Last modified: June 22, 2022

Treon & Shook, PLLC

Treon & Shook, PLLC, is an expert in personal injury and insurance cases. The lawyers are dedicated to bringing their clients out of their sufferings. This firm has achieved many rewards due to its excellent performance. Daniel B. Treon founded this firm in 2003 that is located at 4600 North 12th Street, Phoenix.

Founding Attorney:

Daniel B. Treon:

Dan Treon, a plaintiff in personal injury cases, founded Treon & Shook, PLLC, in 2003. He offers justice to the sufferers of wrongful death and personal injury. Dan feels for those suffering from an accident, but the insurance company refuses to pay the claims. He is an expert in handling cases like car crashes, product liability—premises liability, insurance bad faith, etc.

Types of cases:

Treon & Shook, PLLC has been offering services to personal injury victims. Their practice areas include personal injury of the plaintiff, wrongful death, car accidents, construction accidents, premises liabilities, civil rights violations, municipal misconducts, slip & fall cases, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

With its excellent service quality, Treon & Shook, PLLC has got a 5-star rating on Google. Clients are delighted with the services they have received from this law firm. The attorneys are learned, and professionals always guide the clients in the right direction. So, according to the clients, they have received outstanding service here.

4600 North 12th Street, Phoenix

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