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Last modified: January 31, 2022

The McClellan Law Firm

The McClellan Law Firm is committed to aggressively representing the personal injury victims in the courtroom. The firms have been continually offering their services for thirty years. With their solid legal strategies, the attorneys have been achieving consistent success. The McClellan Law Firm is located at 1144 State Street, San Diego, and Craig R. McClellan is the founding attorney of this law firm.

Founding Attorneys:

Craig R. McClellan:

Craig R. McClellan, an AV-rated attorney, established The McClellan Law Firm in 1987. He was the first advocate who attempted a Ford Explorer rollover personal injury case with all proof using virtual mediums. He is the only lawyer in San Diego who has been accepted as a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates. Craig has a record of receiving the “Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award” for three consecutive years. 

Types of Cases:

The McClellan Law Firm is a personal injury expert. They undertake cases like auto accidents, bicycle accidents, car accidents, truck collisions, pedestrian accidents, product liability, wrongful deaths, medical negligence, nursing home abuses, workplace injuries, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

There is many satisfied clients’ feedback available on the services of The McClellan Law Firm. There is no doubt regarding their approach and service quality among the clients. All are amazed by the result they have achieved and delighted with the attorneys’ dedication to the clients. The service they have been offering has helped them obtain a 4.7-star rating on Google.

1144 State Street San Diego, CA 92101

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