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Last modified: June 22, 2022

The Fitch Law Firm

The Fitch Law Firm is a Columbus-based personal injury law firm with experience of 30+ years. The attorneys here know that when someone suffers accidents or wrongful death of near ones, what they need. Therefore, the founder John Fitch and his team located at 900 Michigan Avenue, Suite 200, Columbus, are working hard for justice and compensation.

Founding Attorney:

John Fitch:

A famous accident attorney in Columbus, John Fitch, is the founder of the Fitch Law Firm. With thirty years of experience, Fitch is elected as The Three Best Rated attorney in Central Ohio. He possesses high legal knowledge and has recovered 134 million dollars in one year.

Types of Cases:

This Columbus-based law firm is a personal injury and accident expert. They handle cases of truck collisions, car accidents, auto accidents, premises liability, medical malpractices, medical mistakes, site injuries, industrial injuries, sexual abuses, and wrongful deaths.

Review and Rating:

The Fitch Law Firm has wonderfully served the personal injury victims of Columbus. According to their clients, the attorneys are aggressive, assertive, knowledgeable, and professional. Most importantly, they never hid anything from the clients and answer all queries. The lawyers would be there with the clients until recovery, which is what the clients like the most. The Fitch Law Firm has obtained 4.9 stars for its legal contributions. 

900 Michigan Ave, Suite 200 Columbus, Ohio, 43215

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