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Last modified: February 2, 2022

Erney Law

For over 30 years, Erney Law firm has been practicing in every kind of personal injury cases throughout Columbus, Ohio, located at 1654 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43203. Robert Erney is the founder of the Erney Law firm.

Founding Attorneys:

Robert D. Erney

Robert D. Erney is a personal injury attorney and started his law practice at Erney Law in 1998 who believes in good communication, ethics, values, and knowledge. Mr. Erney completed his law school in 1984 at the University of Cincinnati, College of Law.

Types of cases:

The law firm tries to maximize the recovery, commit to fighting for their clients and help to get compensation. Their practicing areas are personal injury, wrongful death, auto accidents, product liability, premises liability, sexual harassment, etc.

Review and Ratings:

As the Erney Law firm has more than 30 years of experience, they received good feedback from their clients and got a 4.9-star rating on Google for their best performance.

1654 E. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43203

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