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Last modified: February 2, 2022

Eskew Law, LLC

Client-centered representation is one of the USPs of Eskew Law, LLC. Learned and skilled attorneys champion in vast legal issues is the part of this law firm. Founded by Christopher in 2011, Eskew Law is located at 1 N. Meridian Street #600, Indianapolis, and serves the people of Indiana and Indianapolis.

Founding attorney:

Christopher Eskew:

Christopher Eskew, the founder of Eskew Law, LLC, is a talented criminal defense litigator. Christopher graduated from the Southport High school in Indianapolis in 1996 and later attained his degree of law from the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis. His passion for serving people inspired him to found his law firm. He is associated with Indianapolis Bar Association and received many awards.

Types of Cases:

Eskew Law, LLC is a personal injury and criminal defense expert. They cover criminal law, family law, drug issues, domestic violence, sex crimes, burglary, theft, battery, fraud, drunk driving, divorces, paternity disputes, etc.

Reviews and Rating:

Eskew Law, LLC offers client-focused representations that their clients like the most. Their lawyers worked tirelessly for settlements for personal injury issues, criminal defense, or family matters. For personal injury victims, they offer free consultation, and their service and professionalism are beyond doubt. So this is a highly recommended firm with a 4.8-star rating.

333 North Alabama Street, Suite 350 Indianapolis, IN 46204

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