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Last modified: January 31, 2022

Cohen & Malad, LLP

Cohen and Malad, LLP was founded in 1968. It was founded by John J. Dillion and Louis F. Cohen, and this firm prosecutes and defends class action and other civil litigation throughout the USA. This firm is located at One Indiana Square Suite 1400, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Today, more than 25 highly skilled attorneys are supporting this firm

Founding Attorneys:

John J. Dillion:

John was the Indiana attorney general who founded this firm. He graduated from IU’S Robert H. Mckinney School of Law. He worked effectively throughout his career. He was a very well respected person. His cases is reflected in a variety of cases.

Louis F. Cohen:

Lois Cohen is another flounder of this elite firm. He is a highly skilled attorney of Indiana. He handled many kinds of high-risk, high-reward cases that can diminish the legal profession in the eyes of the public. Moreover, he works hard to protect and enforce the rights of its clients both in and out of court.

Types of cases

The practice area of this firm is a personal injury like a car accident, truck accident, wrongful death, class action like antitrust, consumer protection, environmental claims, bank fee litigation like overdraft fees, NSF fees, ATM, and other fees. This firm also works on sexual abuse, family law like divorce, child custody, child support. Lastly, they also focused on medical and dental malpractice.

Ratings And Reviews:

This elite firm has a compassionate team of attorneys who have more than 50 years of combined experience. That is why most of the clients of this firm are very much satisfied with the helpful, skillful, and trustworthy attorneys. So that, this highly recommended and very professional firm will get an overall 4.7 -star rating.

One Indiana Square, Suite 1400 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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