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Last modified: June 22, 2022

The Ashley Law Firm PLLC

The Ashley Law Firm is a committed and compassionate law firm fighting for Personal Injury Victims, and Mitchel Ashley is the founder and the driving force of this firm. This law firm is situated in New York, 50 Broad, Suite 1000, and has continued since 2009 to offer justice to their clients with the best possible efforts.

Founding Attorneys:

Mitchel Ashley:

Mitchel Ashley is a hardworking personal injury lawyer in New York. He fought for many personal injury victims and offered millions of dollars to them. He was a partner of several famous law firms. But in 2009, he established his own firm to provide the best possible settlements to the accident victims in New York.

Types of Cases:

The Ashley Law Firm fights for all personal injury cases. They are there for the issues such as auto accidents, healthcare ill-practices, bicycle accidents, nail salon damages, environmental damages, automobile accidents, subway accidents, misbehavior of police, dog bites, etc.

Ratings & Reviews:

This law firm of Mr. Ashley scores 4.9 stars ratings, which is possible only due to positive feedback from clients. Clients are overwhelmed with the kind of services to them. According to their clients, they have received more quality service than they have promised, and they recommend The Ashley Law Firm for personal injury claim settlement.

New York, 50 Broad, Suite 1000

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