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Last modified: January 29, 2022

Patterson Law Group

Patterson Law Group is a personal injury firm that provides admittance to provide justice to those who are hurting, despite the cruelty. Patterson Law Group is located at200 Concord Plaza Drive, Suite #750, San Antonio, Texas 78216. Michel H. Patterson founded a renowned law firm which is also known as a Patterson Law Group in Chicago, in the year of 2000. George Patterson is the partner of Patterson Law Group. Recovering all their client’s compensation is the ultimate goal of Patterson Law Group. They look after head and brain injury, neck and back injury, chest, leg, and knee injuries, etc.

Founding Attorneys:

Michel H. Patterson:

Michel H. Patterson is the founder of Patterson Law Group. It has been 20 years now since the date he started this personal injury practice. He is also a member of State Bar Texas. Working as a trial lawyer, Michel H. Patterson has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

George Patterson:

George Patterson graduated from DePauw University with a double major in economics and philosophy. He is the partner of Patterson Law Group and looks after car accidents, dog bites, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, and personal injury cases.

Types of Cases:

Patterson Law Group handles personal injury cases, like car accidents, head & brain injuries, neck and back injuries, chest and rib injuries, foot and ankle injuries, emotional & psychological problems. They dedicatedly solve their client’s problem in several injury cases.

Reviews and ratings:

Patterson Law Group is a stronger 4.9 rated personal injury firm. The clients are satisfied with the services they receive from the law firm and highly suggest it as the best personal injury law firm.

200 Concord Plaza Drive, Suite #750, San Antonio, Texas 78216

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