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Last modified: June 22, 2022

Glen Larson Law

Glen Larson Law is the top-rated personal injury firm in Austin, Texas. This law firm’s experienced personal injury attorneys are committed to using exclusive personalized legal strategies. As a result, they can produce solution-driven outcomes. Glen Larson is the founder and managing attorney of Glen Larson Law Firm, and their headquarters is at 5113 Southwest Parkway, Suite 190, Austin.

Founding Attorneys:

Glen Larson:

Glen Larson is the founder and managing attorney at Glen Larson Law firm. He is highly knowledgeable and focused on solution-driven outcomes. Glen is hardworking, learned and professional, and compassionate. As a personal injury lawyer, he settled many personal injury verdicts and has achieved many awards.

Types of Cases:

Glen Larson Law is a Texas-based personal injury law firm dealing with personal injury and wrongful deaths. They undertake cases like 18-wheeler accidents, cars, auto accidents, accidental deaths, premises liabilities, business interruptions, child abuses, construction injuries, medical malpractices, etc.

Reviews and Ratings:

The law firm of Glen Larson has performed remarkably. There are many clients’ testimonials available where clients admitted the fact. The lawyers patiently listened to all the issues and explained every point. Their personalized strategy for individual clients and professionalism have made them a 5-star rated law firm.

5113 Southwest Parkway Suite 190 Austin, TX 78735

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