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Last modified: January 28, 2022

ElDabe Ritter Trial Lawyers

ElDabe Ritter is a personal injury trial lawyers’ firm located at 1150 S Olive St #1300, Los Angeles. This firm has over thirty years of experience fighting for those who are the victims of negligence. ElDabe Ritter attorneys know the fields of personal injury very well and try to help them in the best possible ways. Sheriff Ed El Dabe and Jon Ritter, two famous personal injury lawyers of Los Angeles, jointly founded ElDabe Ritter.

Founding Attorneys:

Sherif Ed El Dabe:

Sherif Ed El Dabe is the co-founder and a partner attorney of ElDabe Ritter. He is always ready to listen to the clients and answer their questions. He specializes in wrongful death and personal injury death cases, auto accidents, trip & falls, dog bites, etc. He has an outstanding track record of recovering more than one million for his clients.

Jon Ritter:

Jon Ritter joins the hands of Sherif Ed El Dabe to found ElDabe Ritter. He is highly responsive to the clients and a master in personal injury cases. He wants to help people in need, and he fights for them against the insurance giants to offer justice to the personal injury victims.

Types of Cases:

ElDabe Ritter is a specialized personal injury firm. They undertake cases like car accidents & death, pedestrian accidents, auto accidents, motorbike accidents, medical malpractices, and wrongful death.

Reviews and Ratings:

ElDabe Ritter is a highly professional personal injury law firm. They work as they promised to recover the victims’ claims, which the clients found pretty impressive. And the good positive reviews make this firm a 4.9-star rated law firm.

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