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Last modified: February 2, 2022

Dozier Miller Law Group

As part of their promise to their Dozier Miller Law Group personal injury law firm fights for their client’s rights and stands for the victims. Scott T. Pollard is the founding member of Dozier Miller Law Group. The location of this law firm is at 525 N. Tryon St., Suite 210, Charlotte, NC 28202. Dozier Miller Law Group will fight on behalf of their clients to the insurance company.

Founding Attorneys:

Scott T. Pollard:

Scott Pollard focuses his legal practice first and foremost on family law but also stands for clients in general civil litigation and personal injury issues. He and his firm fight against all the power and greed of the insurance companies and all careless parties. Scott Pollard is the founding member of the Dozier Miller Law Group in 1979. The attorney of Dozier Miller Law Group is very strong in their cases and experience. Scott Pollard knows how to win for his clients.

Types of Cases:

Dozier Miller Law Group personal injury law firm is an expert in personal injury cases. The areas they focus on are personal injury, business law, family law, immigration, litigation, criminal defense, church law, estate planning, appeals, mediation & arbitration etc.

Reviews & Ratings:

Dozier Miller Law Group lawyers are accident lawyers, and they are serving Charlotte, NC and its surrounding countries. They always fight hard on behalf of their clients. The attorney of Funk & Associates always tries to take action as swiftly and cautiously as possible. Clients are happy by receiving their services in vital time. They recommended this firm to victims. Dozier Miller Law Group and their amazing team got a 4.9-star rating.

525 N. Tryon St. Suite 210 Charlotte, NC 28202

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